What We Do At Bellator

Training Services


Bellator Group provides our customers with a dynamic suite of Training services all across the globe including technical, medical, tactical, and everything in between.

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Equipment Purchasing & Logistics


Bellator Group is a leading supplier of complete tactical and support gear to government and commercial customers 

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Intelligence Services


 Bellator Group provides our customers with a wide array of Intelligence Support services including SIGNT, GEOINT, MASINT, Counter Intelligence, Knowledge Management, All Source, and many more. 

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Secure Travel and Logistics


Bellator Secure Travel is a world leading travel management and logistic company with business customers ranging from large defense companies to large corporations.  

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Start Up B2Growth Incubator


Incubation services that provide services and subject matter experts to grow startup business into sound market performers.

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New Venture Capital Fund


Providing the perfect exchange between new businesses and inventions and the capital that they need.

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