New Venture Capital Alignment Fund


Shark Tank, California Pitch Funds and other funding avenues are not available to all investors and entrepreneurs. This is where we hope to fill the gap. At Bellator Group we have created a process in which these ideas and startups can be scrubbed, vetted, strengthened, evaluated and presented to our investor network.   

How Does the Fund Work?

We bring ideas and money together... but how do we do this? We source ideas from many different channels. 

  • We are members of the Small Business Evaluation Board where 100's ideas are brought each year to be reviewed for potential funding. 
  • Our Chairman of the Board is the Current Entrepreneur in Residence at Texas Tech University in which he has taught one of the first and only commercialization classes.  
  • We work very closely with a network of Tier 1 Research Institutions to source, vet, and develop student and professors inventions and start ups.
  • May of our members are standing judges on business plan competition circuits where ideas are presented every quarter.  
  • We have a never ending supply of self submitted ideas that are presented by individuals to our team for potential involvement.

All of these ideas are then put through our patented and proven process of evaluation and vetting. This process evaluation toolset formula was created over 25 years ago and is self-learning to evaluate business as they progress forward. At its inception, the toolset was able to identify successful opportunities at a 64% success ratio. After a year of use and fine- tuning it closed the fiscal year with an 82% success ratio. Once an opportunity is strengthened and processed and receives a toolset score of 85 or higher in the venture class it is passed to our internal and separate auditors.   

This evaluation group is completely separate and works for the investor network group of Bellator. This group will go through and prepare, rate, and present the opportunity in an opportunity packet to our investor network. Upon the stated order they will receive first right of investment based upon investment status. Once the fund is full it will be closed and set to operation. 

Interested in Joining Our Investor Network

Our network is not for everybody, but is the perfect fit for some. We would love to talk to you about seeing if it is the right fit for you please email us your information at