Contracting Services


Intelligence Services

Intelligence is the practices of being able to collect, gather, organize, analyze, report, and disseminate vital information in support of crucial missions. Bellator Group is driven to provide experienced personnel to operate at all levels and disciplines of the intelligence domain. Bellator Group provides our customers with a wide array of Intelligence Support services including: Report Writing, Intelligence Analysis, SIGNT, GEOINT, HUMINT, MASINT, Knowledge Management, All Source, Targeting Specialists, Foreign Disclosure Advisors, and many more.  


Counterintelligence Services

Bellator Group leverages our internal Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge base made up of professionals across the IC, DOD, and Commercial markets. This SME set is internal to our organization and brings unique and novel approaches to Counterintelligence support. Counterintelligence Analysis, Counterintelligence Support Specialists, Screening, Collection Management, HUMINT, and many more.      


Training Services

Bellator Group provides our customers training at the tactical, operational, and strategic level with a dynamic suite of Training services which include: Border Security, Counternarcotic/Counterterrorism, Crisis Response, Curriculum Development, Embedded Mentorship, Forensics/Cyber Forensics, First Responder, Financial Crimes, Maritime Operations, Instructor Development & Train the Trainer, Investigative and Intelligence, Military/Tactical Units, Protecting National Leadership, Surveillance, Tactical/Combat Medicine, as well as many more.