Secure Corperate Travel and Logistic Service


Corporate and Government Travel

Bellator Travel's travel management success is been based on the corporate alliances we have built through company strategy, cost reduction, strategic vendor alignment, and tailored technology solutions in both large and small batch processing. At Bellator Travel, we work with each of our corporate and Government clients to ensure that all of their strategic travel goals are met at the most competitive cost. We understand that a "one size fits all" mentality simply does not work in a service-based environment. Each of our client's itineraries are customized to meet their unique travel program goals.  

Bellator Travel's complete corporate and Government travel service programs are designed to reduce frustration and headaches for administrators and travelers alike. Our commitment to innovation and advanced travel technology includes intelligent bid recommendations, real-time reporting, 24/7 personal agent accessibility, client dashboards, customized itineraries and real-time calendar processing.  


Logistical Services

Bellator Travel's logistical efforts thrive on the evolution and adaptability of our knowledgeable operators. This provides our customers a sound mind knowing the delivery of products will arrive on time while also reducing costs and maximizing quality of service. Through a primary delivery mix of aviation, freight, and maritime channels our customers know that Bellator Travel has their logistical needs covered. It is of the highest importance to Bellator Travel that our customers expect the safe deployment, sustainment, and on time delivery of products. Each delivery plan is custom built to meet the customer’s individual needs. This includes the handling of complex paperwork and country clearances needed to streamline the supply chain and regulatory requirements.      


Travel and Logistic Assurance

Bellator Travel and Logistic Trip Assurance Protection gives our customers the ability to book trips and fulfill shipping requirements with confidence. Bellator ensures that if a change is needed during travel, the dedicated Bellator Travel and Logistic Assistance Team will work with travelers and our travel partners to ensure that the best accommodations are made. Our goal as your travel partner is to save you money, safeguard your journey, and remove the worry so you can focus on the business at hand.