What Makes Us - Us


Where we come from

In 2006 in West Texas there were countless inventors and entrepreneurs with ground breaking ideas and business start-ups, yet they often lacked resources. At the same time there were a large number of good, hardworking individuals; farmers, bankers, restaurant owners, small business owners and countless other professionals who had amassed a very sizable amount of income and savings and showed interest in up and coming business opportunities. The problem was that these two groups had no connection. no way to quantify, access, develop, operate and/or fund these ventures.

This is where the partners of Bellator Group came together to make this connection a reality. We come from varied backgrounds, including banking, finance, management, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. We worked hard to develop, shape and mature these ideas and startups into strong business opportunities. We then worked to provide a system to open investment channels to the everyday investor where they could source, evaluate, participate in, and fund these startups.


How did we get here

Through this great success we meet a lot of amazing people. A great percentage of these people and ideas had a government presence and served a much larger purpose than just being successful in business. They were bringing themselves and their ideas to aid and assist our soldiers in defending us and our country. It was time for Bellator to make a move, join the cause, and help support those who were supporting us. In late 2011 Bellator Group moved to Virginia. 

In picking where we were going to move our shop we found the town of Leesburg,VA. This amazing town with its  remarkable history was losing jobs as businesses pushed out and moved closer to DC. Because of this loss of jobs, Leesburg was designated as a SBA HUBzone region with the mission of promoting job growth, capital investment and economic development to the area. Bellator ended the search for a location, seeing that Leesburg needed us like we needed it, and called it home. 

Upon moving to Virginia we were able to work with amazing folks to build and create a truly dynamic Training and Intelligence Program. This program was simply built by the amazing people who we were able to work with that ultimately became our overseas team members. 

In doing this work we found that there was not an easy or secure way to get our crews and assets to the zone. This is where Bellator Secure Travel was created. Since the creation of Bellator Secure Travel, Ms. Dovel has joined the company and we can honestly say that she has turned this into an industry leading secure travel service, with a focus on concierge service as well as 24/7 personal access for our travelers and clients, anywhere in the world.     

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We Will Never Forgot Who and What Got Us Here

We are here today because someone took a chance on our startup. Our incredible employees and team members then built Bellator Group into an extraordinary company that they wanted to call their own. These are the people and principles that we will never forget and will always serve.